Linux distributions for blackfin 2 different Linux distributions are released for Blackfin chips. One is the uClinux for BF5xx serial processors, which is designed for microcontroller without MMU. The other is buildroot for BF6xx serial and newer processors, which supports processors with or without MMU. Please refer to the pages of each distribution for details. The ╬╝Clinux distribution for BF5xx The Buildroot distribution for BF6xx Development Plan release-notes blackfin_live_sources (instead of using a release) Kernel related topics: Compiling the Kernel Downloading the Kernel to the Target Porting to your Board modules Driver Development drivers programming Auto Generated Kernel Documentation fbcon smp-like testing Measuring Kernel Performance example_on-chip_sram Application related topics: Simple Hello World Application Example Simple Hello World Application Example (in assembly) Application Development Porting Applications Memory Allocation/Management (User and Kernel) port_program_to_linux Profiling Optimization