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Das U-Boot GPIO Support

Like Linux, Das U-Boot has a GPIO/Portmux framework for managing pins. So if you wish to write code that works with specific pins, consult those pages.

Additionally, Das U-Boot provides a gpio command that can be used from the console to tweak GPIOs on the fly. This page will cover that functionality.


In your board config, you simply need to enable:



The GPIO command accepts pins according to the ports they are bound to. So you will use things like PF10 (pin 10 on Port F) or PE4 (pin 4 on Port E).

bfin> help gpio
gpio - set/clear/toggle gpio output pins

gpio <set|clear|toggle> <port><pin>
    - set/clear/toggle the specified pin (e.g. PF10)

So to toggle PF8, simply do:

bfin> gpio toggle pf8
gpio: pin 8 on port f (gpio 8) value is 1