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Link Port (LP) driver

Link ports allow the processor to connect to other processors or peripheral link ports using a simple communication protocol for high-speed parallel data transfer. This peripheral allows a variety of I/O peripheral interconnection schemes to I/O peripheral devices as well as co-processing and multiprocessing schemes. The ADSP-BF6xx processor has four link ports and each supports 8-bit wide data transfers at up to 83 MHz. The link ports are multiplexed as follows.

  1. Link port 0 and 1 signals are multiplexed in GPIO ports A and B
  2. Link port 2 and 3 signals are multiplexed in GPIO ports E and F

LP Features

All Link Ports are identical in their design and have the following common features.

  1. Bidirectional ports have eight data lines, an acknowledge line, and a clock line.
  2. Provide high-speed, point-to-point data transfers to other processors, allowing differing types of interconnections between multiple DSPs
  3. Pack data into 32-bit words. This data can be directly read by the processor or transferred via DMA to or from on-chip memory.
  4. Support for 2-deep FIFO for transmit and 4-deep FIFO for receive.
  5. Programmable clock and acknowledge based handshake mechanism for efficient communication.
  6. Dedicated DMA engine.

LP driver configuration

     Character devices  --->
  │ │    <M> Blackfin General Purpose Timers char device interface        │ │
  │ │    < > Blackfin hardware CRC driver                                 │ │
  │ │    < > Blackfin SPORT driver for direct raw access                  │ │
  │ │    <M> Blackfin LINKPORT driver                                     │ │
  │ │    [ ] /dev/kmem virtual device support                             │ │
  │ │        Serial drivers  --->                                

Run LP test

root:/> ls /dev/linkport*

/dev/linkport0 /dev/linkport1 /dev/linkport2 /dev/linkport3

linkport_test will send data to linkport1, and receive data from linkport0, then verify the data.

  1. must enable linkport switch in uboot
  2. make sure connect the linkport loop test cable before linkport_test

root:/> linkport_test

linkport test passed.